Insurance for Individuals and Families

Protecting your business with commercial insurance is important. The reason that safeguarding your business investments is so important is because it has a direct correlation with the long-term well-being of you and your family. At the end of the day, your most valuable assets are your loved ones; make sure they’re properly protected.

Protection for Your Home and Automobiles

Because the risks you face on a daily basis are significant, mitigating those risks with proper insurance is common sense. For example, auto insurance isn’t only required by law in most states, but it’s the only way to protect the car you’ve paid for and the people inside it. While large insurance companies spend lots of money on advertising, the truth is that you have more car insurance options than those you see on television or hear on the radio. Our agency works with many carriers—not just one or two—to find you a comprehensive auto insurance policy at the lowest possible premium. We assess your needs, compare rates and create a plan that’s right for you.

If you need insurance for your home, know that bundling your auto and home insurance can save you money. Likewise, the insurance agents at Crusberg Decker Insurance Services, Inc. understand the importance of earthquake coverage for California residents. We can find you the coverage that you need to stay protected when disaster strikes.

Financial Planning

Protecting all you’ve worked for and all you have is simple human nature. But what about financial planning? How do you not only protect what you’ve earned, but turn those assets into something that will support you through retirement? Visit our Financial Services page for more information about how we can help you plan for the future.

You have a lot to protect; we can help. Contact Crusberg Decker Insurance Services, Inc. at 877.536.1250, or fill out the form on this page to learn more.